Lode Laperre



duo show - Lode Laperre & Yumiko Yoneda

24/02/24 - 24/03/24

'Sense(i)', the title of the exhibition at Galerie 10a featuring work by Yumiko Yoneda (JP) and Lode Laperre, can be interpreted in several ways. Primarily, one reads the English word 'sense', which has multiple meanings: intention or meaning, feeling, and also sensory perception. Perhaps these are precisely a visual artist's three main drivers during the process of artistic creation because, on one hand, the artist intends to embed meaning or message in his or her work, while on the other hand, an artist is often guided by feelings or intuition and sensory perception.
The appended letter 'i' provides an additional layer: for instance, 'i' can be seen as an inverted exclamation mark, accentuating the importance of 'sense' for the artist.
In full, the title forms the Japanese loanword 'sensei', meaning teacher, intriguing when one considers that 'sense' could actually be the artist's mentor ('sensei').
The exhibition also subtly alludes to some icons and beauty ideals from Japanese culture and lifestyle: the room divider, the Zen or rock garden, simplicity and emptiness, love and reverence for nature from Shintoism, the landscape in Japanese printmaking ...

Galerie 10a
Zolderstraat 10a, 8553 Otegem (Belgium)

The exhibition can be visited on Saturday and Sunday (2 - 6 PM) or by appointment.