Lode Laperre


due to covid measures in Taiwan, this exhibition is postponed

solo show Lode Laperre

‘∞’ (the infinity symbol) is the title of Lode Laperre's upcoming solo exhibition at Per van der Horst Gallery in Taiwan. On the one hand, this sign refers to each individual work of art that can be seen as an essential link in an almost endless series, which is ultimately referred to as an artist's "oeuvre". But it can also be seen as two intertwined loops, a line connecting two entities, alluding to a theme that has underpinned Lode Laperre's oeuvre since the late 1990s: his fascination with Eastern civilizations and their visual cultures. Ever since, he has been exploring similarities, differences and tensions between Eastern and Western visual languages and attempts to unite and integrate them.

Coinciding with this exhibition, a new book will be released with Chinese and English texts reflecting on the theme and the works on display.



No. 39, Lane 46, Shidong Rd, Shilin Dist.
Taipei City 111, Taiwan (R.O.C.)