Lode Laperre



04/01/20 – 16/02/20

solo show Lode Laperre

opening reception: Saturday 4 January - 3PM

Per van der Horst Gallery in Taipei (Taiwan) relocated to a new venue in 2018. In the new exhibition spaces, the focus on providing a balance between the contemporary and the timeless, the oriental and the occidental, the organic and the rational, becomes evident. These stimuli also increasingly manifest themselves in the art of Lode Laperre, and these synergetic impulses drive the upcoming exhibition "Paragonshi/Aeongonshi". The title also reveals the artist's fascination for 'gonshi', or 'scholar rocks' and what it means for aesthetics, study and contemplation in Chinese traditional culture.



No. 39, Lane 46, Shidong Rd, Shilin Dist.
Taipei City 111, Taiwan (R.O.C.)