Lode Laperre



20/02/22 - 27/03/22

exhibition | book presentation | podcast  -  Lode Laperre

Galerie 10a
Zolderstraat 10a, 8553 Otegem (Belgium)


'Eidolon' is the second solo exhibition with recent work by Lode Laperre in Galerie 10a in Otegem. The title refers to the continuous change, physical as well as spiritual, in space and time. Reality, the visual world, is a witness and residue of what is no longer there. What one sees is merely an illusion: Eidolon.

This exhibition will contain a number of large-format paintings. Lode Laperre created these in a former Subaru garage, a building that is soon to be demolished; after that only the paintings will survive as a memory of that unusual setting. 'Subaru' is Japanese for 'unite' and, fittingly, the artist has for several years been fascinated by Eastern civilizations and visual cultures, and this is evident through his work.

The exhibition can be visited on Saturday and Sunday (2 - 6 PM) or by appointment.

Art monograph
Together with the exhibition, the book 'Eidolon' will be presented.
In this art monograph, mathematical philosopher Prof. Jean Paul Van Bendegem, who will also open the exhibition, provides context and analysis when considering the paintings of Lode Laperre.
"Viewing a canvas by Laperre is like gazing at a Heracletian river: regardless of the time we spend staring at it, we will never see the same thing twice. Because at a second glance, the first glance has already become the underlayer of a palimpsest, waiting for a third, a fourth glance to form a never-ending structure. Should we then call this an eidolon?"

‘Eidolon’  |  hardcover - 26,5 x 25,5 cm - 64 pages colour  |  Dutch & English  |  ISBN: 97-8-946407-0545

As a side-project to Eidolon, Lode Laperre arranged a podcast recording entitled “The Yellow Gesture” ('Het Gele Gebaar'). Driven by his well-documented interest in the Orient, including China, he invited four distinguished panelists, experts in various disciplines, to also dissect their relationship to the East. What can we learn from China? Can Europe do business, exchange ideas or engage in politics with China and, if so, how? Or is the water too deep after all? This podcast was recorded in the Mudel (Museum of Deinze and the Leie region). 

moderator: Greet Op de Beeck

Prof. Filip Caeldries (professor at TIAS)
Prof. Hans De Wolf (professor at VUB)
Federal MP Koen Geens (Professor at KULeuven)
Prof. Jean Paul Van Bendegem (professor at VUB)

The podcast will be released on 22.02.2022.