Lode Laperre



solo show Lode Laperre

28 October - 30 November 2023

The title Eon Eos of Lode Laperre's solo exhibition at Edison Gallery (Lisbon, Portugal) instantly provides the two key facets of his recent work.
"Eon", literally a very long period, alludes to the numerous layers of paint applied to the canvas in various stages during the creative process of each painting. Time, the fourth dimension, is therefore a significant element in the development of Laperre's visual language.
Eos, goddess of the dawn, on the other hand, refers to the East, which has been a significant source of inspiration for the artist for several years, generating insights and stimulating reflection.
Curator Rui Guerrero selected a series of paintings that illustrate, from different angles, the meaning behind the title of this exhibition.



Avenida Defensores de Chaves 1B, Lisbon (Portugal)


opening hours:

Tuesday to Saturday, 2 pm – 7 pm