Lode Laperre



06/02/20 – 28/02/20

solo show Lode Laperre

opening reception: Thursday 6 February - 7.30 PM  /  concept & introduction: Sven Vanderstichelen

'Vase' suggests residue or sediment through the ages. In this exhibition, Lode Laperre reflects on 10 publications of his work that were issued while he resided in Harelbeke. Work from each of these 10 publications will be on show.
Experimental concept:
During the 6 months the exhibition runs, each of the works on display can be loaned from Bibliotheek Harelbeke. Subject to a (largely symbolic) deposit of € 20, one can take a painting away and enjoy it at home for up to 4 weeks. The painting that was on loan most often during those 6 months will subsequently be donated to one of the borrowers, chosen from a random draw of all borrowers' names.



Bibliotheek (Library) Harelbeke, Eilandstraat 2, 8530 Harelbeke (Belgium)