Lode Laperre


A Pro Pot

28/10/23 - 21/01/24

Work by contemporary artists that present the vase, pot, bowl, plate… as visual elements, either in a literal sense or in a broader interpretation, provide the underpinning for a series of exhibitions A Pro Pot. Curator Trees de Mits brings these shapes, as containers but also conveyors of an idea within an artwork, together and accumulates them across disciplines. "A Pro Pot III" is hosted by the Mudel museum in Deinze.


with artworks by

Philip Aguirre y Otegui, Veerle Beckers, Thorsten Brinkmann, Marcel Broodthaers, Lien Buysens, Leo Copers, Anton Cotteleer, Maria Degrève, Rik De Boe, Mario De Brabandere, Goele De Bruyn, Griet Dobbels, Negar Ghiamat, Lode Laperre, Anne Maes, Xavier Noiret-Thomé, Albert Pepermans, Eliza Pepermans, Renaat Ramon, Randoald Sabbe, Fabrice Souvereyns, Hillebrand van Kampen, Yves Velter, Anja Vermeir, Sarah Westphal



Museum Mudel, Lucien Matthyslaan 3-5, 9800 Deinze (Belgium)